Can a CRM survey help me assess my needs?

The answer is YES !

Indeed there are several types of CRM’s in the marketplace.This creates major challenges for the newcomer in deciding which software to implement; research, meetings, comparisons, and of course final choice are a time consuming and sometimes overwhelming process.

The first thing you must do, is to make sure you chose and implement a CRM that meets your business needs. Ask yourself what the consequences of chosing the wrong product would be.

Implementing a CRM software is not a simple endeavour. Many considerations need to be taken into account; your business culture, ensuring management is fully supporting this project are but two of these important factors.

We invite you to complete a survey we have created at to help you define your CRM needs and see which product would best suit you.

Why do some businesses fail when implementing a CRM, and how to prevent it ?

Your information system already contains most of the data a CRM needs and uses to operate. So you are probably asking yourself; why complicate things by adding a new system?

To this we answer: ‘’The information you’re trying to manage is in your business, but in different databases; it is difficult to consolidate and analyze, thus making it very complicated to use effeciently. Consequently other solutions need to be considered.’’

In order to implement your CRM successfully, make sure that your new software is simple to use, it‘s functions and purpose clearly defined. This way you will be able to increase your business intelligence.

What is business intelligence ?

"The ability of an organization to collect, maintain, and organize knowledge. This produces large amounts of information that can help create new opportunities. Identifying these opportunities and implementing an effective strategy can provide a competitive market advantage and support long-term sustainability."
Esoft Mastersales software purpose : Record, organize and facilitate data management from all sales, marketing and financial activities in such a way as to help the organization make better business decisions.

Which CRM could give me an advantage over my competitors ?

Since data needs to be managed simply and efficiently in order to make informed decisions and help your business gain a competitive advantage, a cloud based CRM that m eets these requirements would become an essential part of your business tools.

In order for your CRM software to give you this edge, it must help you answer this simple question: ‘’How much business am I leaving on the table?’’

E-SOFT MASTERSALES will give you this competitive edge ! 30% increase, 10% less effort.